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about-usPeer Services Incorporated (PSI) grew out of a large CCRC in the Central Valley of California when similar institutions in the surrounding area began requesting consultation in a number of eldercare service areas.
PSI discovered that collaboration in the elder healthcare services market is the best way to address the growing need for expertise and guidance in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.
PSI maintains a close relationship with its roots, and still contracts with its founding CCRC to provide management, operational and accounting capacity, while also branching out to provide consultative services to clients in need.

PSI At A Glance

• 67 Years of Experience in Health Care Operations
• 65 Years of Experience Working With Government Regulators
• 49 Years of Experience Lobbying Elected Officials
• 41 Years of Experience in Elder Care Board Member Work
• 20 Years of Experience in Renovations, Additions and New Startups

"Peer Services provides me with a logical set of questions which leads me to very logical conclusions.” - Joyce Khouri Eid, RN, BSN, MBA, Senior Manager, Moadieh Evangelical Center for Assisted Living, Beirut, Lebanon